Selecting an Indoor Floor Fountain

In selecting a fountain, decide what’s most important to you. Setting/location? Material? Style? Sound? Size? Complement existing décor?

Here are some factors to consider in selecting your fountain:

* Location. Does the fountain need to fit in a particular location?

* Do you like something particular as the dominant material? Slate, river rock, marble, granite, bamboo, glass, ceramic, copper?

* Do you want a certain style? Contemporary, oriental, cascade, water wall?

* Are there any space requirements? Is there a height constraint? (Some fountains are tall.)

* Are there any cost requirements? Decorative fountains cost anywhere from $25 to $20,000.

* Do you want a small or large fountain? Smaller fountains are more intimate and make nice accent pieces. Larger fountains are more of a focal point and sometimes have a more audible presence. Also, there's a greater quantity of water in larger fountains and it generally travels farther, better simulating water in nature.

* Sound. Do you need a gentle, non-intrusive sound? Do you want "babbling" sounds (like a gentle mountain brook) or "splashing" sounds (like a small stream pouring into a pool)?